Sunday, 17 December 2017

Listen Up Assholes, What You Wear In Your Tinder Photo is Important

Not shocking here, but apparently what you wear in your Tinder photo seems to be even more important than that fake job you claim to have in your bio. (Like, what David, you’re an “Artisan Beer Mixologist Entrepreneur” because you combined Coors Light with lemonade once? Go fuck yourself. Also, was that good or no? Don’t answer that, you troll. Of course it wasn’t.)

Anyway, according to a new Tinder study which tbh sounds like a fucking paradox everyone looks basic as hell in their profile pictures and it’s not doing them any good. 72% of men and 56% of women on Tinder opt for neutral colored clothing (and 100% of the time you have low-key suicidal thoughts while trying to decide which of these boring a-holes makes you want to throw up the least). More unsurprising things: guys get more swipes when they wear suits, and women get more with dresses. Looks like if you don’t conform to gender norms, you’re fucked (i.e. not getting fucked).

So yeah, according to this pointless study, wear gender specific clothing, stay away from colors that reflect the darkness in your heart, and then continue to make snap judgements about each other and potentially get free drinks/your dick sucked at a higher success rate. What a fucking world.


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