Thursday, 12 October 2017

Accuser: James Deen Had Help Raping Me

Porn star Nicki Blue opened up about her brutal alleged assault at the hands of James Deen. But that wasn’t close to the whole story. She says Deen’s friend, a female porn executive, held her down while it happened.

She started to fist my ass and I was pushed into a corner so I couldnt struggle or get away. Eventually I said Stop, stop and they did. It wasnt planned. They didnt ask if they could fist me in the ass, they just did it.

Last week, porn star Nicki Blue came forward with a shocking story of assault, alleging that accused serial rapist James Deen urinated in her mouth and then sodomized her with a beer bottle. Blue says she was a 21-year-old virgin at the time.

Blue has now revealed new information about the alleged event that occurred in December 2010 on the premises of Kink, the BDSM porn company where she was employed as a webcam model. Nicki Blue claims that Deen did not act alone in the alleged sexual assault, among other new details.

The article got a couple of things wrong, Blue says in reference to the original published story.

During her time at Kink, Blue resided within the Kink Castle, otherwise known as the San Francisco Armorystaying in a room designated for models. She often heard noise emanating from the downstairs area, where there was a bar on the premises known as the Speakeasy. One night she ventured out, curious about the commotion.

I went downstairs and there were a lot of people in the Speakeasy talking and having drinks. They recognized me right away because I was considered the Kink virgin at the time, and they all liked to laugh and talk about that, says Blue, who describes it as a party atmosphere. She and fellow adult actor Deen had met before and though she didnt know him well, he seemed friendly. That night, Deen was joined by his former flame Princess Donna, a former film director and executive at Kink who ran the Kink-affiliated websites Public Disgrace, Bound Gang Bangs, and Ultimate Surrender.

James was very drunk at the time, so was almost everyone there. He was on his phone and Princess Donna was there, the music was playing, and she started to take her top off and things got sexual between her and James, says Blue. I was like This looks fun so I started joining in.

Blue claims it was fun at first, with things she says she considered very vanilla. That led to her performing oral sex on James, but as the encounter played out Blue says he became exceedingly rough. This is the part I dont like to relive, but the truth is he pissed in my mouth and it was really disgusting. I wasnt expecting it, says Blue. Princess Donna was still there. She was there the whole time and she was the director for a particular Kink site, so she kind of enjoys the humiliating part, too. They were trying to figure out a way to play with me that didnt involve sex with my vagina because I still had my hymen.

They were playing with me, it was both, it wasnt just James alone, Blue says, recounting the incident. I dont know exactly who put the beer bottle in my ass at the time, they were holding my nose up kind of like you do a pig and they were putting the bottle in my ass, obviously it felt really weird and I got really scared and I kept asking to stopand then they finally stopped.

Since going public with her story, NSFW photos of the incident have been posted to Blues blog. When she left the Speakeasy shortly thereafter, Blue says Princess Donna and Deen followed her out.

Princess Donna and James Deen followed me to an area where theres this window, where people step out to smoke, and thats when Princess Donna and I got into it again, says Blue. She started to fist my ass and I was pushed into a corner so I couldnt struggle or get away. Eventually I said stop, stop and they did. It wasnt planned. They didnt ask if they could fist me in the ass, they just did it.

Princess Donna did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

I didnt even know what to say or how to say it to people, says Blue. It was embarrassing what happened. Blue allegedly posted a complaint on a Kink forum at the time, only to have it deleted. A Kink company spokesperson says that despite attempts, the alleged post has not been found.

There are security cameras throughout the building and outside of the building, but we dont save the footage on a regular basis unless there is a report of a crime, a Kink spokesman told The Daily Beast.

So even if the alleged incidents happened in front of a security camera, the footage, the company says, would be long gone.

Blue is one of eight women who have come forward accusing Deen of sexual assault in a rush of solidarity that began with Deens ex-girlfriend and fellow adult star, Stoya, accusing him of rape on Twitter. In the wake of Stoyas reveal, Tori Lux wrote of her alleged sexual assault by Deen in an essay first published at The Daily Beast; then Ashley Fires revealed to the Beast that shed allegedly been assaulted by Deen at Kink; and after Fires, two other adult stars, Amber Rayne and Kora Peters, told their stories to the Beast of alleged sexual assault at the hands of Deen. These were followed by an unnamed woman called T.M., who told LAist she too was assaulted by Deen, and Deens longtime ex Joanna Angel recounting her allegedly abusive relationship with Deen on the Jason Ellis SiriusXM radio show.

Several of the alleged sexual assault incidentsincluding Firess and Bluesoccurred at the BDSM internet porn company Kink. After the allegations, Kink announced it had severed professional ties with Deen, whod starred in over 200 movies for the company. And given the number of recent allegations against Deen that involve Kink, as well as four pending lawsuits against them alleging unsafe working conditions, the company intends to review its polices to create a safer environment for performers.

We need to reaffirm consent on set is not consent off set. This is something a lot of us know and practice, but I think sometimes in an adult film environment some think things are a little more loose than they are, says a Kink spokesman. I think reaffirming to performers that no one has the right to touch you, and if they do, even if it is relatively innocent but unwanted, you can report it. Its something we take seriously.


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