Sunday, 12 November 2017

Your Epic Super Bowl Party Expectations Vs. The Inevitable Reality

Its no secret the Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year.

If youre like most NFL fans, you probably want to spend the Holy Grail of football Sundays watching the two best teams go head-to-head on a massive TV screen as you pound beers and demolish a tray of hot wings with your best friends.

However, when it comes to celebrating the game that crowns footballs finest team with a big, badass trophy, things usually dont turn out as planned.

Whether your highly anticipated house party turns out to be a bigger disappointment than the Eagles, the sports bar is so crowded you can’t see the TV or your friends ditch you and you end up watching the game with Grandma, your expectations of Super Bowl Sunday rarely match the real-life outcomes.

Take a look at the photos below to see some of the most popular Super Bowl expectations vs. reality.

Expectation: Your Super Bowl party outfit will be lit.

Reality: You end up being the only one who went a little overboard on the fan gear.

Expectation: Youll stuff your face with the most delicious football-themed snacks on the face of the Earth.

Reality: All the snacks aregone by the time you get there, and your chances of finding more food arepretty bleak.

Expectation: You will drink endless amounts of ice cold beer.

Reality: You run out of beer by halftime and end up drinking some mysterious concoction.

Expectation: You will watch the game in the most epic man cave ever made.

Reality: You watch the game in a dirty garage packed with dudes.

Expectation: You will play round after round of beer pong.

Reality: The only game you play is Go-To-The Store-And-Buy-More-Cups.

Expectation: You will take super cute Snapchats with bae in your matching outfits.

Reality: Bae ignoresyou to watch a bunch of half-naked cheerleaders and men chasing each other around in tight pants.

Expectation: Tons of hot girls will come to your Super Bowl party.

Reality: Grandma and her bingo friends are the only females whoshow up to your Super Bowl party.

Expectation: Youll watch the game on a huge TV equipped with surround sound.

Reality: You watch the game on a TV that is older than Betty White.

Expectation: Youll hit up an epic sports bar, grab a few brews and watch the game with your friends.

Reality: The bar isso crowded you cant get a beer and you can barely see the TV screen.

Expectation: Your team will crush the opponent and win the Super Bowl.

Reality: Your team losesthe Super Bowl and you also lose the $100 you bet on the game.

Expectation: You will throw an awesome party and rage with your friends all night long.

Reality: Your party is ahuge failure, and you end up watching the game alone with your dog.


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